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Available Mentors

Julie Silipo, West High School, Denver

"I have worked at as a high school counselor for 11 years and am currently getting my Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Most of my work has been with historically excluded groups working to bridge the opportunity gap and support students though the education system. Advocacy, data-informed practices, and collaboration are some strengths of mine. I look forward to partnering with you."

Kelly Tarr, Running Creek Elementary, Elizabeth

"I enjoy collaborating with teachers and parents.  I appreciate the opportunity to get to know students and families on a personal level and love seeing the smiles of students every day!"

Paige Zaboth, Three Creeks K-8 School, Arvada

"I am passionate about kids and advocating for them, but also being a support for teachers and parents.  Our jobs are so important in holding together some of the big themes of education, career potential and college knowledge, as well as social emotional learning and promoting positive peer relationships.  However, the breadth of our jobs can sometimes provide lack of purpose or ability to execute well in this position.  I have a passion for helping counseling teams find a clear common purpose and plans to execute on that, with compassion and a student-centered growth mindset."

Heather Ray, Abraham Lincoln High School, Denver

"My 9 years experience as a school counselor has all been at Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver Public Schools.  Here we serve an incredible group of students (~1000) who are almost entirely first-generation students (when they go to college) who live at or below the poverty level.  The majority of our students know English as a second language.  I love working with this group of students because they require support and guidance to be able to get through high school and be best prepared for college.  And to be believed in!  I enjoy seeing our students exceed the dreams that they have set for themselves and make their families proud.  I am a huge fan of the ASCA model and the structure it provides to give students the best support possible for success."

Cindy Ayde, Deer Creek Middle School, Littleton

"I have worked in the counseling profession my whole life. I worked as a mental health and addictions therapist before getting my masters in school counseling.  I have had many experiences that could benefit a new counselor. I really do love my job and I would love to share my passion and joy with others. I am passionate about creating a welcoming environment at our school and would love to share my ideas. I have found a way for our teachers to welcome counselors into their classroom, and I provide lessons to students twice a month. I have strongly advocated for counselors to be able to run lunch groups instead of lunch duty which has been happening for the last 10 years. I am grateful for the many ways that we can provide students here with the supports they need. I am always looking for opportunities to grow and improve and welcome others feedback."

Merrie Wrinn, Evergreen High School, Evergreen

"I have been a school counselor for 7 years. I work at Evergreen High School and love working with high school students. Every day is different and I would not have it any other way. I am passionate about collaborating and finding the best support for my students. I believe supporting students takes a village. Building relationships and helping students identify sources of strengths is essential to my job. I love classroom guidance and college and career planning. I have great experience with tough parent meetings, 504’s, SRA’s and crisis counseling. Mentoring is guiding by collaborating and asking thoughtful questions. I am not a believer in taking the reins. I am lucky to have supportive and helpful mentors and I hope to do the same for other counselors. I also have my NCC and LPC."