Meet the board



Matthew McClain

Executive Director

Katie Brown

Board Chair

Jenn Smela

Board Assisstant Chair


Anna Gisetti

Shayla Reynolds

Shirell White

Vicki Helfer

Barb Frontella

Michelle Zinser

Julie McMurry

Guinevere Husic

Kim Severn

Committee Chairs

Amy Prouty


Janelle Winders

Conference Committee Chair

Autumn Coppejans


Stephanie Mijo

Financial Officer

Kelsey Rosten

Government Relations

Kambi Crabb

Membership Chair

Becky Meidinger

ASCA National Model Implementation Support Committee chair

Vasti Holstun

Professional Development Mentorship Program Co-Chair

Heidi Guy Hays

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Meier Thornton

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Ann Halromb

Governing Board Mentor

Courtney Allen

Professional Development Chair

Chris Lindsey

Public Relations/Marketing

Jessica Zimmerman

Newsletter/Social Media

Madeline Francis

Social Media

Bethany Balderrama


Eric Pizana

Conference Presenter Liaison

Shelby Clark

Conference Presenter Liaison

Daniel Lee

Conference Operations

Renee Cawley

Conference Exhibits/Advertising

Christina Jurekovic

Conference Communications/ Ethics Committee