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    Colorado Elementary School Counselor of the Year

    Colorado Middle School Counselor of the Year

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CSCA is pleased to announce our level winners for 2020 School Counselor of the Year!!
One of these fantastic counselors will be chosen as our Colorado School Counselor of the Year and go on to compete for national School Counselor of the Year

Elementary Level
Brooke Mauro Morgan

Penrose Elementary School
Colorado Springs School District 11

Read the Press Release Here
Watch her be recognized at her school here

Middle Level
William Janas

Jenkins Middle School
Colorado Springs School District 11

Read the Press Release Here
Watch him be recognized at his school here

Thank you for participating in the 2020 Colorado School Counselor Association Conference.  We hope you had a wonderful experience and look forward to seeing you in Keystone next year!

We are so thankful to our speakers and exhibitors for all their hard work and sharing their expertise. Please take a few moments to evaluate the sessions you attended, as well as the overall conference using the links below. Your feedback is invaluable for helping us to continually improve the CSCA Conference.



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The Colorado School Counselor Association represents school counselors at all levels in Colorado. Its purpose is to serve its members and the public through programs that advance guidance and counseling in all school work settings: elementary, middle/junior high, high school, and post-secondary.
CSCA serves over 1,500 school counselors in the state of Colorado.

The Colorado School Counselor Association condemns the tragic death of George Floyd and systematic racism that has plagued our country since its inception. While this is the most recent incident, this is not the only incident that is a cause for alarm. We stand firmly in support of our students, families and communities who have been impacted by senseless and targeted violence.  We also stand in partnership with our school safety staff to create a safe and secure environment where all students feel valued and included. As school counselors, we have an ethical commitment to stand for social justice and promote equity for all with the purpose of ending oppression and injustices affecting our students, families, and communities, as well as in our public schools and higher education institutions. Every day we fight for inclusion for students and model fairness, respect and kindness. As part of our daily routine, we engage in difficult conversations and seek solutions.


As educational and equity allies, the Colorado School Counselor Association continues to stand ready to support our diverse student population. We will work to continue to create safe spaces for students and support systems that allow students to work through conflict and/or voice their concerns. We will advocate for students and teach them how to effectively advocate for themselves in a constructive manner.  Many of our students have family members who protect and serve on the front lines. While we support peaceful protesting, the actions of a few against our first responders cannot be tolerated.


We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our counselors of color who are hurting and exhausted by endless inquiries on how to address injustices while simultaneously enduring on-going trauma in their own daily interactions in their communities. It is imperative that we address their needs and respect their own struggles. CSCA will be pursuing changes in our structure and priorities that reflect our commitment to equity. We will be forming a committee to advise the organization and engaging our membership, particularly our counselors of color, as we pursue these changes. We invite our members, families and others to hold us accountable for this work.


Special thanks to the invaluable voice and support of the Colorado school counselors of color and their insight and guidance as we navigate this important work.


Please see the resources compiled by our colleagues that we are using to begin our study and to go deeper into meaningful conversations and work:

Coronavirus Update

Latest COVID-19 Resources and Information from CDE can be found at:

Resources from ASCA:

As schools work to safeguard student health and prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), school counselors are challenged to meet student needs both at school and outside school in the event of closures. ASCA has developed some recommendations for both situations. Here you'll find a number of resources for talking to students about the virus, including encouraging parents to limit their children's exposure to news media, providing a calming influence to students as needed and helping students address their fears. ASCA has also developed guidance for school counselors to to continue to meet student needs in the event of a school closure.

Schools, working together with local health departments, play an important role in slowing the spread of diseases to help ensure students have safe and healthy learning environments. Please review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Interim Guidance for Administrators of U.S. Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools to Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).