Madeline Francis named 2023 School Counselor of the Year!

Madeline Francis, school counselor at James Monroe Elementary in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been named the 2023 Colorado School Counselor of the Year by Colorado School Counselor Association (CSCA). Francis is a graduate of Adams State University, has been a counselor for five years and has been with James Monroe Elementary School since 2019.

The award honors the professionals who devote their careers to serving as advocates – and often lifesavers – for their students.

Principal, Dr. Carole Wilson-Frye, supports Francis’ efforts throughout the school.

Some comments made by her nominators include,

The best way I can describe why Maddie is deserving of this award is to use a

metaphor of gymnastics. In the world of gymnastics, the successful athlete requires

excellence in highly varied disciplines while making incredibly complex tasks look

graceful and effortless. That’s Maddie!

As a counselor leader, Maddie serves as a lead learner; modeling the importance of

attending conferences, workshops, and professional development to stay current in

best practices. She continues to seek out evidence-based practices to meet the needs

of her students. She consistently uses data to align her work to her school’s

improvement plan, monitors student progress, and advocates for her school

counseling program. And when she finds tools or strategies that work, she adds

additional resources and readily shares them with her school counselor comrades.

One of her colleagues stated: “Maddie has been a valued member of our team for

four years. Her positive attitude and love of children are continually reflected in the

culture of our school. Maddie is an advocate for our students’ families...and

seamlessly connects families with key community resources.”

One parent shared: “I have the unique opportunity to work with Ms. Francis not

able to witness Ms. Francis’ attention to detail and her compassion for those who

are struggling. Ms. Francis has implemented programs that allow our students to

feel safe and have the tools they need; she has put programs in place that have

supported me and many other families.”

only as a colleague but also as a parent of a student at this school; and I have been

Finally, her nominator, Ms. Fedor summed up her nomination for Maddie with


Saying that Maddie is an “excellent” counselor does not hold a candle to the

incredible light she shines into everyone she encounters—she is a change maker and

a history shaker, empowering everyone she encounters with her genuine,

compassionate, and patient heart, everyone is better for knowing Maddie

Francis was honored as the 2023 Colorado Counselor of the Year at the Colorado School Counselor Association Annual Conference in October.

Francis will represent Colorado as the School Counselor of the Year in the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) annual national School Counselor of the Year award ceremony.

About the Colorado School Counselor Association

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